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Our clients tend to come to us to save money by getting their products to market earlier!

Our business philosophy is to be your PCB Design/Packaging Partner

Would you like to reduce your debug time?
Our engineering staff verifies every BOM part number and reviews every schematic and IC application note for anything possibly missed in your internal reviews. Example floating inputs, correct power for each IC and its bypass caps, current requirements, etc.

Would you like to have your PCB spin work the 1st time without a respin?
100% Design QC that checks all mechanicals, datasheets, design guidelines and reviews all email inputs. Simple boards to complex high speed Analog and Digital layouts, rules driven layouts, impedance & coupling control, low noise, high current and backplane expertise.

Would you like to Eliminate Assembly Delays?
We verify all BOM part numbers (advise end of life / optionally perform a RoHS check) and design every PCB to Jabil.s manufacturing guidelines so your job runs smoothly through assembly. All Gerber output files are run through a CAM station to confirm they are correct.

Would you like to have your Schematic verified to eliminate netlist errors?
We optionally offer a 100% Schematic Symbol check to component datasheets.

PCB layout with high speed design services
Advanced digital designs are at 1GHz at the circuit board level and are now hitting the wall...
skin effect and dielectric loss
How does skin effect and dielectric loss change a typical signal? The top plot on the right shows how SPICE type simulators predict a 1 GHz waveform through ...
The Right partner for Printed Circuit Board Design
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