Good data in means good data out. The following is a list of requested data; however, Limat can help with any data that is not easily collected:
  • Statement Of Work
  • Schematic
  • Bill Of Material
  • Net List
  • Outline Drawing
  • Fabrication Specs
  • Stackup
  • Plane Data
  • Line/Pad/Hole Sizes
  • Crosstalk Requirements
  • Data Sheets
  • Required Checkpoints
  • Room Drawing Or Suggested Placement
  • Design Schedule
  • Names And Numbers For Key Contacts

Engineering Reviews

Each design brought to Limat is thoroughly reviewed by the engineering staff. It is at this review that all design criteria and design rules are developed for the design:
  • Special Package Requirements
  • Design Rule Spacing
  • Critical Paths/Nets
  • Crosstalk Analysis
  • Impedance Requirements
  • Test Data Requirements
  • Deliverables List
  • Customer-Specific Concerns
  • Layer Count Target
  • Schedule

Preroute Analysis and Placement

Once all data is collected, modeled and loaded, placement begins. With the aid of a room drawing or placement suggestions the designer places the board. When complete the placement is sent out for customer review. If desired, the customer may also choose to review areas of concern graphically. Items such as critical net placement, board outline or potential routing problems and congested areas may be reviewed at this time.

Routing and Transmission Line Management

All routing tools used at Limat are design rules driven. This insures that transmission line characteristics such as impedance, path length, stubbing, coupling, and scheduling of pins are preserved during routing. These routers allow:

  • Pair-Wise Routing
  • True Multi-Layer Routin
  • Coupling Control
  • Impedance Management
  • Differential Pair Routing
  • Matched Length Routing
  • Horizontal/Vertical/Diagonal Routing
  • Terminator Resistor Assignment
  • Buried Resistor Technology
  • Net Length Management
  • Mixed Technologies

The Role Of Quality Control

The Design Department is structured such that an independent Quality Control Engineer scrutinizes each design after package modeling and at design completion. Q.C. reviews the design for internal and customer standards, reviews all reports to insure that the design is complete and error free, and reviews our internal design folder to see that all questions or problems have been resolved before the design is shipped for customer approvals.