Advanced digital designs are at 1GHz at the circuit board level and are now hitting the wall. Pesky little things like skin effect, dielectric loss, connector reflections, and resonances that even 2 years ago could safely be ignored, now loom large. If you are now embarking into the GHz Zone with even the least bit of trepidation, give the Pros at Limat a call. We can ease the transition from the MHz world to the GHz Zone with a targeted set of measurement, design, and modeling services.

Available Services

  • High speed path measurements
  • Simultaneous time/frequency design
  • High di/dt power distribution design
  • Measurement based design
  • Component measurements and modeling
  • Connector characterization
  • Transmission line therapy
  • Circuit board ground rule creation
  • SPICE based skin effect models
  • High speed bus design
  • Parasitic compensation
  • High speed transition design


  • Time Domain Reflectomatry
  • Network analysis
  • Frequency domain simulation
  • Time domain simulation (convolution)
  • Time domain simulation (SPICE)
  • Power plane modeling (distributed)
  • Skin effect measurements
  • Dielectric measurements
  • 3D Electro Magnetic modeling